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Company Name: S. B Group
Job Position: Associate
Rudra Shinde, Sujata Kedari, Mayuri Shinde, Revati Arge Rachana Salunke, Kiran Jadhav, Lale Shital Nutan Mayura, Chavan Shinde, Mayuri Rathod

Ashvil Finance And Investment Consultant Pvt Ltd
Job Position: Back office Executive
Bhagyashri Shinde, Kunjir Pradnya, Vidya Shinde, Prajakta Jadhav, Alka Gunde, Siddhi Bharam, Poornima Mandlik

Moon Education Pvt. Ltd.
Job Position: Business Development Executive
Vaishnavi Devrukhakar, Mrunal Jadhav, Trupti Dhasade, Revati Arge Suwarna Sonawane, Gayatri shinde, Ashwini Chtmil, Jayashri Sonawane Ashwini Pataskar

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